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    Ouled Djellal:
    My Town
Ouled Djellal Architecture

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    Traditional houses
    Before the seventies, Ouled djellal was very isolated town. Most of the young emigrated to France or to big cities especially Algiers the capital.
    Poverty and lack of investment help people to be economic and use any thing in their hands to built their houses. People who were most of them farmers of date palm trees use these ones in the construction of their houses. They generally use bricks of mud since it is free. then they use some kind of rocks available in the area. one is soft which is cheap and the other is solid rocks which is more expensive. People who have more money they use it.
    Then for the roof they use the long dry branches without leaves of the date palm tree.

    Then they use a layer of mud. then the first floor they put walls to protect the house from the neighbours. on the roof there is usually one room "korfa" ( room in Arabic). This room is especially designed to save dates and other crops.
    they use a kind of white soft rock in the region "gypse" which is use to whiten the walls insite and outside the rooms and the house. This white color relexes light. So it is very useful for the house temperature.
    For the plan, it is generally the same.the kozina ( kitchen) which has a chimney. They use wood.
    In Fall( winter) the family sits in the early morning bear the fire place.
    The kitchen is very small, just to fit some people. no furniture is necessary. they use to sit on the floor putting "el hisir" ( carpet made of certain herbs ). the house is open. It means the rooms are near each other.in the middle, we have the "Ziwadj" (hall)between the rooms. This helps to give fresh air to the house.
    The other room is "dar ediaf" ( guest room). This room is used to receive guests. The guest is a very important one. This is typical for the Arab hospitality.
    The bedroom is very simple with little furniture. Beit el maa ( restroom or wc ) is usually set up at the end corner inside of the house near the haouch el mizaat ( court of the goats ). People use to raise animals at home. This is for milk and meat. Oher animals are sheep or hen.

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