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    Ouled Djellal:
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1.Traditional Education
2.Modern Education

Traditional Education
In the sixtees and the seventees, all boys and girls were obliged to learn koran ( The Holy Book of Muslims). by heart. This was a very good habit. When children learn koran , it will be easy for them to do the 5 prayers. So it is an obligation.The only defficiency was that children were not taught to understand koran explanation ( tafssire).
Generally few children went to school afterwards because most of the parents were uneducated, so they could never understand why for example a girl should go to school. At that time the Algerian government obliged parents to send boys and girls to school, but still parents thought that education was not so important.Education is free. Parents needed boys to help them in the farm and girls helped their mothers to cook and to clean the houses. Another important thing was that girls were supposed to be prepared for marriage early ( 12 to 15 years ). Mothers tried to cope with the existing traditions at that time.
For me, this was a big mistake, because Islam asks people to study and learn from "cradle to grave". Poverty was another handicap to learning. Parents suffered alot to bring something to eat to their home. So thinking for education was unreal and unpractical at that time. Few parents pushed their children to study and continue to university.

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