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    Ouled Djellal:
    My Town
People Characteristics

People in Ouled Djellal are generous. They help especially guests.All are Arabs with the exception mixed origin who are blacks and mixed with Whites in the ancient past.
There is no racism. This because Islam has forbidden it 15 centuries ago.
This quality is a good one. People who know each other begin always with "Salamou Aleikoum" ( Peace Be Upon You). This is an Islamic official greeting. The other must respond with " Wa aleikoum asalam wa rahmatoullah" ( and peace and mercy be upon you ).
People give much consideration to relatives. This has a relation to tribal affiliation.
For me, it is a disaster because Islam makes all the muslims brothers and sisters. So there is no difference between them except for their deeds to the society. All are equal. The difference is good work and excellent Islamic ethical and moral codes.

Another bad behaviour is staying in the streets and glancing at people. This is forbidden in Islam since it is a waste of time and it always brings evil to people relations.
During the ninetie's and because of the economic transition from socialism to capitalism and from stability of jobs to unemployment, all these have altered and enforced the tribal affiliation and corruption. Any one who has a good position in a company begins with his relatives first even if they have no experience. some use their position to have illegal money by asking people to give money to have jobs or other services.
In most of the administration, work is rarely done good since no one responsible for the job.
Complaints has no effects since the responsible people don't care. Hopefully they are not all. Few are excellent decision makers and have no relation with all these bad behaviour. People know who is good and who is bad.
Few women go out for work, but in these years their number is increasing.They begin to work especially in education , hospitals, and in private sector as secretaries. They are very enthusiastic and energetic. Most of them put veils, but trying to be modern as well.

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