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Sex Education

Sex education begins early in my town. Before Islam, arabs some of the Arabs killed their daughters. The reason was that they thought that because wemen are weak naturally so they are targeted by thieves and in times of wars. When Islam came, it forbade this practice and gave the owmen the right to live as the men.

Even now, some arabs don't like girls alot. They favour boys. They think that boys can help later their parents financially. Now with education and with literacy and the knowledge of Islam teachings. Parents are better in accepting their children as equal.

Traditionally, sex education is done and perceived as for the role for the boy and the girl inside the house. The girl is always given duties inside the house as for cleaning, cooking,washing clothes or sewing. On the contrary, the boy is following his father either to help his father especially almost of the people have date palm trees gardens. so their help in gardens are needed. boys are sent to shop and for communication between relatives and cousins.

So boys and girls have different roles in the same house. The mother gives sex education to her daughter by showing her all what is accepted socially and islamically as for example not to show of her beauty to stranger or not to date or not to do sex. So the mother has a very important role in sex education. The boys always follow the models of their father or uncles.Girls follow women and boys follow men.

Another source of education is school wnich include a subject of Islamic lessons aiming at showing islam pillars and preachings.so anyone who is adult knows what is right or wrong according to Islam principles.

Besides of all these, there is another important source which is The preachings of the Imam ( priest ) in the mosque. parents children and almost all hear all what the Imam wants to explain about sex education. So the Imam tries always to correct some common mistakes done by parents in the education of their children.

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