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1. Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

For me as an international man, I would like to be free from all the borders and national straints. I hope that one day every one of us, man or woman, could travel from one country to another without having a passport. Europe is an example of this now. I would like easily accept identity card, because it says from where you are, but I don't like to be prisoned to a national territory where you could never travel. Every one is this world would like to travel either for education, work or marriage. So why to stop people!!!

This idea of visa, I don't like it at all. My dream is to see all the people free.Europe has made an example of freedom. So why other countries don't do the same. And bit by bit we could have one big planet country.!!! Many people nowadays are prisoned either by their own governments or by other governments which do not allow freedom of travel or immigration.

I know that my dream will not be fulfilled now, but I am optomistic to see that we belong to the same earth that we are living now. One day in the future, anyone would just buy a plane ticket and arrive in another place without being asked who are you? or where is your visa? I hope to see that day. Until that becomes true, let us think all together to make it a reality.


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