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Growing Deglet Noor Seeds in North Carolina, USA

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Deglet Noor is a well known date palm cultivar. It originated from Algeria. It was introduced to the USA early in the 20th century. Well the date palm succeeded to grow in the desert of Coachella Valley in California and some other places like in Texas and Arizona. I am living right now in North Carolina between the the zones of 7 and 8. Well it could survive in zone 8. I personally searched here in North Carolina to find Deglet noor, but unfortunately i did not find. So I got the idea to grow it here myself.

I began this experiment in August 2009. I just bought some Algerian dates and took off their pitts ( seeds). Then I soaked them for two days. After that i placed them in a plastic box with some paper towels. Then they grew and had some roots. Then I placed them into some container with some garden soil. All the containers are inside my house since now it is winter.
Well hope they grow and become trees.
Check my photos.
Please if you are living in North Carolina, we can share some information and work together to make it happen. email me directly at karimr2004@yahoo.fr

1. date palm plant
2. date palm plants in a pot
3. date palm plants
4. date opalm seed with a root
5. date palm seedlings
6. deglet noor in plastic pots
7. deglet noor plants
8. deglet noor seed 1
9. deglet noor seed 2
10. deglet noor seeds
11. deglet noor seed with a root
12. deglet noor seed
13. deglet noor seedlings
14. deglet noor with a root
15. deglet nour seedlings
16. growings seedlings
17. growing seeds in plastic pots
18. new deglet noor plant
29. new seedling date palm
21. planters seed date palm
22. plastic planters seeds
23. seed planter
24. sowing seeds in a container
25. sowing seeds into a plastic box


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