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1. Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Lack of Communication within the Family

The family gives too much respect to the father since he, who decides for all. So the children get this habit not to speak directly to their father, but let the mother does the job. This has led that children fear their fathers and sometimes their mothers. This lack of communication is typical for the traditional life in my town.

The word love is absent from the verbal communication between either parents or their children. So kissing especially if from mother to father or from father to mother is something unexpected and may be forbidden by traditions. So this simple sentence "I love you" does not exist in the communication between mother and father at the presence of children or grand mothers. So sometimes it is typical from the Algerian hard life. As compared to the Egyptian society where this word love is always used and expressed without fear.

A girl that says, "I love someone!" in a traditional family is not allowed. Here I mean this kind of love between a man and woman before marriage. The people in the town perceive badly any relation beyong marriage even the word of love.


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