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    Ouled Djellal:
    My Town
Ouled Djellal Architecture

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    Modern Houses

    During the beginning eighties, because there is a change in politics, things began to move especially economically. Many workers in the famous Sonatrach oil company have some money more than the other who work in Ouled Djellal. That is why they began to built new mobern houses using cement and thich iron wires to support the new houses.
    Usually, the plan is totally different from the old traditional one. Modern houses have more rooms and using diffrent new materials depending on the construction industry that began to flourish.
    Most of the houses are rectangular.They are aligned according to the street.In the streets, you can see a high wall and doors are next each other depending on the width of each house.In each house, there is a big door for a garage since these people are planning to buy a car even if they haven't at this time.When you enter a house,one can find a court. One can find one big door in the front and other small one near it. This latter is for the guestroom. Generally the guestroom door is apart to make it easy for the guest to enter without entering in the hall and other rooms of the house which is considered intimate. Only the relatives and best friends could enter inside.This is traditionally accepted Arab tradition. Islam asks for intimacy if the women is not veiled. If women are veiled there is no problem.

    The new houses lost the charm of the old houses. They are like a set of rooms: rectangular or square. Many parts of the Arab traditional architecture were forgotten forever. "Ziwaj" an open hall between the rooms was lost.
    The houses now do not help people to be comfortable if poor. Now if you have no air conditioner in summer or heater in fall ( winter), one could suffer the hardships of climate. In the past houses were made of mud which refresh the house in summer and makes the sun enter facing most of the room the the south west.
    Now most new houses tried to have nore spacious rooms and not leaving a garden for most of them.
    In the past houses were full of date palm trees and pomegranate, grapes, figs etc...
    the chimney disappeared from the modern houses. no wood is used now since the gas takes its place.
    Well nother thing that disppeared is the well. generall in the old houses there would be a well. This well is dug tofor water consumption. if it is not good.it would be used to wash clothes or for date palm trees irrigation.

    Please for more information, feel free to contact me. I will be glad to add more text on it. Thank you

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