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    Ouled Djellal:
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1.Traditional Education
2.Modern Education

Modern Education
Beginning of the eightees was a big shift and a quick transition. This was due to Algerian open doors to capitalistic countries. This influence is a benefit to education. Although Islam asks people to study during the whole life since the first word in koran was "Read". Now all the parents send their children to school and help them. It is a shame now to see a child a boy or a girl fail in the school. A lot of students get university degrees. And I can say the level of education now is good compared with the past.
The only bad thing is that some parents don't care to send their children to learn koran by heart. because religious teaching are included at school. So for them their children learn little for their prayers needs.
For me I hope that all the children learn koran and all be literate. Islam pushes people to acquire knowledge and sciences. This help them to understand life better.

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