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    Ouled Djellal:
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Life Cycle

Generally, life is traced and known for all.
  1. Children study at school until final exams ( baccalaureate ).
  2. If the student passes, he or she goes to university or specialized institutes.
  3. Ater getting his or her degrees, finding a job is the goal.
  4. Those who do not pass the exams will see if there is an opportunity to work and to be trained in some government training schools, others go for different private entreprises or shops.

  5. For both after having jobs they should marry and find a house.
  6. After marriage, having children is the normal way. Although, now they use preservatives to separate between children and have time to educate them. But still having alot of children is normal.
  7. After marrying the children, the parents think seriously to go to Mekka for Peligrimage. By this they have completed their life cycle.

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