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    Ouled Djellal:
    My Town
Islam Influence
The arrival of Islam to Arabs is like water to living creatures on earth. No one can imagine tribal people with alot of bad traditions and customs change to rulers and to scientists who bring civilization to the whole world. Islam makes life easy and practical. Islam thinks of all and helps needy people who are ignored by the governments. Who has thought of poor people who are hungry and some people sleep having food into trash. Islam regulates the way of people behave. These codes are for the benefit of all with no exception. Still there is alot of things to be done since the people still ignore some principles of Islam.

Islam influence is seen better in the good moral codes and ethics. What do you think of people who don't drink alcohol , who do not do sex out of marriage limit? With ablution, the Arabs were the first to wash themselves 5 times a day before prayers. This is done nearly for 15 centuries ago. Another facet is that Islam makes people as brothers and sisters. This is to ensure that all people care of each other. This is very important to make the minds peaceful in a growing community. For me, in my town, I don't think people have reached what Islam teaches. Lack of education is respomsible for that. Another handicap is the western influence. This later pushes people to individualism. Thinking of oneself and ignoring the others is something dangerous for the whole community.

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