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    Ouled Djellal:
    My Town

In The Past
Cuisine Characteristics
The Influence of Algiers the Capital
Famous Dishes
Photos of Dishes and Bread

In The Past

After Algeria Independence, most of the small towns were not equipped with gas supply. So women used wood ( dry sticks of date palm trees or leaves and other fruit trees wood and even grass). With light fire, food had a special taste.
The kitchens are equipped with chimneys to carry off smoke.
The kitchen had a name " Niwala". Women had the responsibility to cook since they did not go out. Their sole job was housewives . Men did not. This is an Arab tradition. for Islam, men can help his wife to cook as the Prophet mohamed Peace Be Upon Him did.
Young girls learnt early to cook. By the age of nine, a girl could help cook her mother difficult dishes.On the contrary, boys were exempt.

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