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    Ouled Djellal:
    My Town
History of Ouled Djellal

Ouled Djellal is a very old Arab town.
The first Arab settlers came with Muslim arrival to north Africa. These people are called Benou Hillal. Some people said that their origin is from Saudi Arabia or Yemen tribes.
Many famous travellers noticed and wrote some pages about these first settlers.
Originally, these people like to cultivate date palm trees, others like to to be free and change the place for searching for grass to graze their sheep. Oued Djedi ( a long dry river ) helped people to settle since there is water in well during the whole year. People usually dig small wells near the river and can get their supply of water and for their trees or sheep.
Their language they use now has been changing from standard Arabic in the past to a dialect now.
During their history the Djellali were famous for their resistence to French occupation. They were brave and courageous. Their word is taken as serious as for life and death.

Athletics Marathon - Men: Amsterdam 1928 :

photos of ruins in Ouled Djellal

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