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    Ouled Djellal:
    My Town
Ouled Djellal Geography

Ouled Djellal is an oasis in the big desert of Algeria.It is situated in the east south of the capital algiers about 400 km.
The land is stony and not vertile, but some places are good for date palm trees since this tree supports different kinds of land textures and salty water. There is a big reserve of natural hot water from deepest wells.

Streams and Oueds: Dry Rivers
Here are some photos of the existing oueds and streams in Ouled Djellal. These dry rivers run when there is alot of rain hundred miles away coming from the Atlas mountains.


  1. oued djedi 1
  2. oued djedi 2
  3. oued djedi 3
  4. oued djedi 4
  5. oued djedi 5
  6. oued djedi 6
  7. Bridge over oued djedi 1
  8. Bridge over oued djedi 2
  9. Bridge over oued djedi 3
  10. Bridge over oued djedi 4
  11. Se'ad: entrance to gardens
  12. Seil:a canal carrying water 1
  13. Seil:a canal carrying water 2

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