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    Ouled Djellal:
    My Town
In the past, nearly 30 years ago, people usually follow arab traditions concerning the funeral. Well, when one dies, the family members especially women and the relatives cries during days, shouting, do not eat or at least less, show off their anger. They buy sheep, and cook for relatives and guests who come for the ceremony. Most of these traditional are against Islam principles and behaviour. Islam has another point of view regarding death. Death is just a transition between two lives. So why is this anger and frustration. Yes, people cries because they lose a member of the family. This is natural, but what is not good , is to shout and to go into a hysterical behaviours that are not good for the whole community. Atfer the person dies, he or she is cleaned according to a strict islamic way and rolled into a white cloth. His or head should be directed to kaaba in Mekka ( Saudi Arabia). Usually the person is buried after a special prayer devoted to the funeral in the afternoon after the ASR prayer ( about 4 O'clock).Men only should assist this prayer. Women stay at home. When all is finished, usally men who don't come to the funeral near the cemetery, must come to greet the members of the dead person. Islam asks people to do this for three days. After that there is no need to go to the family and remind them of the funeral.

The family needs to forget and to be patient. Death and life is in Allah ( God) hands. No one can be furious against Allah.
Usually, there is food to be eaten. The poor and needy people come.
Nowadays, things change a little bit. Most of the people now are educated and therefore know Islam more. Islam is well interpreted when educated. But still, the Arab traditions are always there. For example, Islam does not ask the family to prepare food to the guests and relatives since the family is in hard time. In my town this tradition is still there. Islam wants to make things easy for all and to ask people to do things they can not bear. Another major thing, it costs alot to make food. So the family has lost a person and it will lose again money. this is unsupportable. A good Islamic thing is that people ask Allah to forgive the dead person for any mistake that he has done. Allah likes when people ask him forgiveness. If asked , he will forgive.

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