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Eating Habits

Arabs in general like to eat in a group. And since the family is most of the time large ( 5 persons and more ), so eating together is the best thing for them. They speak to each other, laugh, have jokes and make fun. This tradition of being together is ancestral.
Some tradional dishes like Couscous, Shakhshoukha, Boutshishe, Aish are served in a large wooden plate called "Gasaa".All the members of the family make a circle and eat together from it.
Now for Islam, it does not ask people to eat together, but it is preferable to do so. This has a psychological significance.The old and the young are together. So at each meal the father meets his children and by this, communication is very easy. If any one eats alone in a different room, no one will bother about the other. And this brings coldness in the relations. Islam asks muslims to wash their hands before eating. Saying bismillah ( In the name of Allah "God") is obligatory.That means a muslim must always ask God for his permission. A muslim should eat with his right hand. When finishing eating, a muslim should say El hamdou lillah ( Thanks to Allah "God"). Arabs usually sit on the floor, or sometime having a small low table.Generally, the mother divides the meat. so the father gets more. This is because he is the head of the family.
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