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    Ouled Djellal:
    My Town
Ouled Djellal Climate
Ouled Djellal is very hot in summer.
Hotweather can begin from April and finish in the first of November. The hottest days come generally in July, especially if there are clouds without rain. People are suffocated.
Generally, people do not support that weather. Now the air conditioners are in use in many houses for those who can affort them.
Fortunately, many people like hot weather because of dates maturity.
The chilly : sorroco wind which is coming from the south makes life unsupportable.
In August, things change a little bit. the nights become less hot than the days.
Generally, there is no distinction, because Summer and Winter take the days of Autumn. No one feels that there is a change from Summer to winter. So Autumn disppears. Either it is hot ( Summer ) or cold ( Winter ).
For the people, it is a good season since the dates will be ready for sale and becomes mature.
Winter (Fall )
Winter is very cold especially in December and January.
It rarely rains.
Spring begins early since the trees start vegetation in the mid of February.
It is very short. dust wind is known there.

Please for more information about the climate, contact me. I will be glad to add more text on it. Thank you

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