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    Ouled Djellal:
    My Town


Nowadays few parents send their children to mosques to learn Koran ( The holy book of Muslims) which was not the case 30 years ago. The most important thing for parents is to make their children behave well and respect the old. This is a good thing as taught by Islam. Another major thing is to give sex education.That means that boys should wear boy clothes and girls have girls clothes. This education is very important. Girls and boys should know this distinction when in their early age. Boys are given outdoors responsibilities like shopping and going out of the house regularly. Here shopping, because our town is very small and has just small shops. So you could find a boy who has 4 or 5 years buying bread the bread in the morning. It is common here.
For girls it is the opposite. Mothers give them responsibilities in the house like cleaning or cooking.

Islam asks parents to initiate children to do their 5 prayers at the age of seven and to be responsible for prayers performance at the age of 10 years. Some parents care alot , others not.
For Islam prayers are the skeleton of Islam. So learning how to do the ablution and the prayers is very important and crutial at the same time.
At school boys begin to play football, girls do other sport like handball or basket ball or games.

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